Signature Travel Network Optimizes 6,000+ Member Email Marketing Program [Case Study]

Posted by Clifford Chi 

Okay, so picture this. You’re the Director of E-Marketing Services at a distinguished company and manage the email marketing campaigns of over 6,000 of your clients.

You’ve made it. You’re an email marketing superstar.

But you also send the majority of your clients’ emails from one IP address and know that only one awry metric from a domain could weaken your IP’s overall deliverability, hindering all email marketing efforts.

With great power comes way too much stress, right?

Well, this is the life of Christine Conklin. She’s the Director of E-Marketing Services at Signature Travel Network, a travel cooperative that manages the email marketing on behalf of over 6,000 travel professionals.

As part of their email marketing program, Signature designs, coordinates, and sends each member’s email campaigns while preserving the individual agency’s unique branding.

This program is a first-class marketing service with high deliverability rates and strong sending reputation, and to maintain its quality, Signature came to Return Path for guidance.

To learn more about how Signature Travel Network leveraged Return Path’s solutions and service to sustain their email marketing success, check out our latest case study!

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