“It Started With Emails, But Also With a Sense of Desperation…”

Posted by Kim Poletti 

Hooked? To find out who was so desperate and why, listen to episode 3 of HitEnter: Stories from the Inbox. In this episode, we explore deception and how intelligent, educated people fall for fraud and scams every day. What makes humans so susceptible to deception? Is deception used for good causes? We talk to a couple who unwittingly joined a cult and suffered devastating personal costs as a result. A mystery shopper shares the secrets of the business, and an expert on human trafficking explains why kidnapping is down and trafficking is up. Finally, we hear tips from our own email fraud experts, Jennifer Beaumont and Liz Dennison, on how to avoid scams in our inbox.

If you like Reply All, RadioLab, or Invisibilia, you will love HitEnter! You will laugh and be inspired to approach life and work differently after listening. And if you haven’t heard our first two episodes, be sure to download them on iTunes, Soundcloud, or Sticher, and please let us know what you think by leaving a review in iTunes.

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