The New & Improved Signal Spam Feedback Loop

Posted by Dana Hutton 

Signal Spam, the French-based anti-spam initiative founded in 2005, is a unique organization. Their member roster includes Senders, ISPs, Security Vendors, Law Enforcement and Governmental Authorities such as CNIL, the French Data Protection Agency. At the center of the Signal Spam universe is the Email User.

The original Signal Spam FBL works as follows: Users report spam via the Signal Spam website or by using a Microsoft or Mozilla Thunderbird a plug-in. That data is then stored in the Signal Spam database and shared with ESP and Direct Sender members thereby enabling them to unsubscribe users, detect fraud and assess the success of their campaigns. The database also houses intelligence on machines compromised by botnets along with data from the National Cybercrime Centers. In turn, the anti-spam organization provides CNIL with specialized intelligence. One example being a list of the Top 30 Spammers in France, updated monthly.

This month, Signal Spam has announced that the FBL described above is expanding to include complaint data from Orange.

It’s important to note that although we refer to this as an “Orange FBL”, there are no actual ARF messages being shared. Orange will provide Signal Spam with a daily, aggregate complaint count per IP in CSV file format. This is then made available to Signal Spam members per download via an URL query.

Return Path understands that each country has its own email landscape and conditions and no one knows it better than those on the ground.  This is just one reason why we’ve worked closely with Signal Spam for several years now.

If you would like more information on Signal Spam, please visit their English language page here.

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