New e-book: The Ultimate Email Deliverability Glossary

Posted by Tom Sather 


The Ultimate Email Deliverability GlossaryHaving a hard time wrapping your head around email deliverability and email reputation? It can be daunting, regardless if you’re new to email marketing or not. The language of deliverability is filled with technical terms and acronyms, and new ones pop up all the time. 

While you’re learning about email deliverability and reputation, it’s essential to have a resource that is simple and clear, so that everyone, and not just the technical deliverability folks, finds it useful.

Even if you wrote the book on deliverability, our new e-book will be of interest. For a lot of the terms, we provided some interesting stats that you can use at your next cocktail party or for your next presentation, like how many messages our recycled spam traps receive, the percentage of email sent that is considered spam, and how much email Postini really quarantines as spam (it’s a lot!).

I hope you share this blog post and e-book with others in your organization that are new or old to deliverability, and print it out so next time you’re having a discussion on deliverability, you can translate what you’re hearing, or just amaze the other person with some cool facts.

Check out The Ultimate Email Deliverability Glossary and let us know what you think!

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