The Unique Value of ThreatWave Data, Available Exclusively from Return Path

Posted by Cody Bender 

Earlier this year, we shared the exciting news that Return Path acquired ThreatWave, a Colorado-based email data company that captures and processes billions of emails each month and parses these messages into a unique data source for email intelligence. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit more about ThreatWave and the value their unique data set brings to Return Path.

ThreatWave data is unparalleled in size and scope. ThreatWave owns and operates one of the world’s largest spam trap networks, as well as the resulting data set. By processing billions of emails monthly from around the globe, ThreatWave has created a massive and global source of email telemetry for threat, reputation, and market intelligence use cases. No other provider has the data scale to provide insights across campaigns, domains, and IP addresses.

ThreatWave data enhances Return Path’s existing capabilities. ThreatWave’s global email data provides unparalleled visibility into the threats facing the email ecosystem—spam traps, bad senders, and more. While Return Path is already the world’s foremost leader in email deliverability and campaign optimization, the addition of ThreatWave data extends our ability to drive meaningful insights. ThreatWave derives its email data from a variety of unique and proprietary sources, making it the perfect complement to the Return Path Data Exchange.

ThreatWave data offers an early warning signal of potential deliverability issues. ThreatWave data is unique, in that it acts like a “canary in the coal mine,” helping to identify list hygiene and acquisition issues before they become a problem. The data provides key insights about the quality of marketer’s email lists, subscriber acquisition methods, and more granular information about reputation issues. It also helps marketers to identify brand protection issues, like domain spoofing that can damage customer relationships.

ThreatWave data provides deep, specific insights. Typical spam trap reporting offers little more than the number of hits and dates. But ThreatWave data includes additional campaign metadata showing hits by day, IP address, domain, subject line, from address, and more. This detail allows you to quickly identify issues, take corrective action, and keep your reputation intact.

ThreatWave data is available exclusively through Return Path. By acquiring ThreatWave, we’re able to offer Return Path customers and partners exclusive access to this massive email intelligence data source. Return Path currently offers the ThreatWave data via direct feed, which can be obtained in a variety of formats: Amazon S3, SFTP, or redis. Starting Q2 2017, we will be incorporating ThreatWave data into the Return Path product suite for ESP partners, offering visualizations and the ability to download the data directly from the user interface.

To learn more about the unique value of ThreatWave data, please contact us.

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