[webinar] 12 Ways to Better Christmas Email Deliverability

Posted by Tom Sather 

[webinar] 12 Ways to Better Christmas Email Deliverability

Registration: http://landing.returnpath.com/12-days-email-webinar

Join me on Wednesday, August 27th, at 11:00AM MDT (1PM EDT) as I walk through the most common points of failure that retail email marketers encounter when it comes to email deliverability and campaign optimization over the holiday season. I’ll take a look at the ghost of Christmas past to see what worked – and what didn’t – for retailers’ email campaigns.

In this webinar, you’ll find out:

  • How mobile will affect email marketers this Christmas season.
  • How to test subject lines by seeing what’s working – and what isn’t – for your competition.
  • How to maintain a good reputation and stay off email providers’ naughty list.
  • Myths and truths about certain keywords in your subject lines and email copy.
  • How to use email data to learn more about your customers.
  • How frequency really impacts subscriber perceptions and deliverability.
  • And much more!

Register now for the one hour webinar:

Date: Wednesday, August 27th, at

Time: 11:00am MDT (Mountain time)

             1:00pm EDT (Eastern time)



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