[Webinar] Email Marketing in 2017: Trends, Data, and Best Practices

Posted by Melissa Carey 

With the holidays behind us, it’s time for organizations to start planning their email marketing programs for the new year. But before you set your 2017 plans in motion, let’s evaluate 2016’s email strategies in order to bring the effective tactics into the new year and toss the bad ones out like New Years’ resolutions.

Join Return Path and AMA for a webinar on Wednesday, January 11 at 12 PM CST to learn what email marketing strategies and tactics work based on responses from over a hundred marketing professionals. This webinar will also look at how deliverability is changing in 2017, as well as new tactics for marketers to optimize their emails.

Specific areas of focus will include:

  • Important strategic goals for a successful email marketing strategy
  • Barriers to a successful email marketing campaign
  • The most effective email personalization tactics
  • Which resources marketers use to execute their email strategy
  • How to avoid the spam folder
  • And more!

Email Marketing in 2017: Trends, Data and Best Practices

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 @ 12 PM CST

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