[Webinar] How to Reach More Subscribers This Holiday Season

Posted by Melissa Carey on

The holidays come early for marketers, so identifying a strategy now can set the stage for a successful season. But when 21% of commercial emails never reach the inbox, what can you do today to ensure more of your email will be delivered to your subscribers?

Join our upcoming webinar to hear how Southwest Airlines improved their email deliverability and the timeliness of their messages with Return Path Certification.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get more email delivered to the inbox and increase revenue.
  • Gain the highest and most consistent inbox placement rates.
  • Significantly reduce volume filtering and throttling, especially during the holiday season.
  • Beat the competition by reaching more of your subscribers’ inboxes.

The holiday season is a vital time for marketers. Start preparing for the busy season today by ensuring that more of your email gets delivered to your subscribers.

How to Reach More Subscribers This Holiday Season

Date: Wednesday, June 8th @ 11 AM MT


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As a Product Marketing Manager at Return Path, Melissa is responsible for making the market love and understand Return Path products. She does this by getting to know the customers and their needs and developing effective marketing strategies based on that knowledge. When not at work, she loves to explore the hiking and biking trails in Colorful Colorado.

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