[Webinar] Making Email Work Harder For Gaming Companies in Europe

Posted by Guy Hanson 

Join me and my colleagues Denis Ehlicke and Chris Mills on Wednesday, July 17th for a webinar which will put the spotlight on the gaming industry in Europe. Whilst there are some fundamental truths in email marketing which apply to all industries universally, there are also certain elements which are different and unique to each business sector.

In some of our recent report, such as the Q3 2012 Email Intelligence Report and Sender Score Benchmark Report, we split out key email marketing metrics not only by region, but by industry as well – with sometimes extreme differences becoming apparent.


In Q4 2012 Inbox Placement Rates for Gaming companies in Europe varied from 68 percent delivered to Spanish inboxes to 90 percent for French and British gamers. Germany came in at 80 percent inbox placement rate, meaning that every 5th email sent to a German subscriber wasn’t delivered to his or her inbox. Compared to the retail industry in those countries, it quickly becomes obvious that there are still huge improvements to be gained by gaming companies as only delivered emails can be opened and clicked by the recipients.

In a recent case study with German browser game provider Travian Games reported an uplift of up to 40 percent in open rates and 20 percent in click through rates, demonstrating just how significant the potential still is.

Making Email Marketing Work Harder: Email Best Practices for Gaming Companies

Join us for this webinar to hear analysis from exclusive research into email metrics in the gaming industry, insightful case studies as well as actionable advice for your email program.

Attendees will benefit from my experience of working with major brands in the gaming industry and extensive insight into what works in email (and what to avoid). 

Attend this webinar to …

  • Learn how the challenges for e-marketers in Gaming Companies differ from those in other industries;
  • Benefit from relevant industry benchmarks introducing some new engagement metrics based on a panel of your actual subscribers;
  • Receive actionable recommendations that will enable you to make your email marketing work harder for your business.

Register here to attend the webinar on July 17th.


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