[Webinar] Maximize Your Deliverability: The Value of Partnerships in Nonprofit Email Marketing

Posted by Courtney Finger 

Join us for our upcoming webinar on Thursday, August 3rd from 2-3pm EST.  

Not a nonproft? Keep reading! There’s still plenty of great advice packed into this webinar applicable for all industries!

We know deliverability can be challenging, especially in the nonprofit space. We’ve found that nonprofit industry email is 33 percent more likely to end up in spam folders and that nonprofit read rates trail the industry by 25 percent.

Now, more than ever, utilizing crucial data points and gaining visibility into your campaigns puts you, as the marketer, in the driver’s seat to maximize your email program. Whether you’re raising awareness, campaigning, or fundraising, email deliverability can help you hit the goals you’re looking to achieve.

During this webinar, we will showcase how Return Path has aligned with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to provide Change.org, a leading nonprofit organization, with visibility into inbox placement and the metrics affecting their campaigns. You’ll learn how our dedicated partnerships help our customers be successful and ensure their email messages reach the inbox for maximum engagement.

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