Webinar: The Power of Competitive Insight for marketers in Australia and New Zealand

Posted by Theo Noel 

Return Path will be holding our first webinar for Australia and New Zealand on the 24th September. Join us for this 45 minute webinar where Return Path email experts Guy Hanson and Dale Langley will be discussing how marketers can use email intelligence to analyse their own programme performance against those of competitors, using engagement metrics such as read rate, delete unread rate and forward rate, in order to keep one step ahead in the battle for the inbox.

With competition for subscriber mindshare getting increasingly fierce, marketers firstly have to ensure that their email campaigns reach the inbox. But this alone isn’t a guarantee of high performance and ROI.

Just as important is standing out from your competition. For example, how many of your subscribers also receive email from your competition? Do these subscribers engage with your competitors’ messaging more than yours? If so, what campaigns are the most successful?

During this webinar we’ll discuss the new metrics for email marketing – how and what to measure for success. We’ll also examine how to harness the potential of competitive intelligence including actionable recommendations to help make your email marketing work harder. Using examples from real life high performing campaigns in Australia and New Zealand, Guy will explore some of the techniques used to achieve strong results, and provide actionable recommendations to help make your email marketing work harder.

Register here for the webinar.

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