Webinar: The Power of Competitive Insight

Posted by Guy Hanson 

Join me for this 45 minute webinar where I’ll be discussing how marketers can use email intelligence to analyse their own programme performance against those of competitors, using engagement metrics such as read rate, delete unread rate and forward rate, in order to keep one step ahead in the battle for the inbox.

Competition for subscriber mindshare is fierce. It starts with getting into the inbox, but reaching the inbox isn’t a guarantee of high performance and ROI. You need to provide messaging that subscribers want to receive and interact with.

Just as important as distinguishing your messaging from other marketing messages is standing out from your competition, especially if a percentage of your list overlaps with theirs. For example, how many of your subscribers also receive email from your competition? Do these subscribers engage with your competitors’ messaging more than yours? If so, what campaigns are the most successful?

Sound exhausting? It can be which is why e-marketers need to use a competitive intelligence tool that can answer these questions to drive a data-driven, intelligent email programme in order to achieve the highest level of ROI.

Attend this webinar to hear about:

  • The new metrics for email marketing – how and what to measure for success
  • Insight in action – how to harness the potential of competitive intelligence
  • Actionable recommendations to help make your email marketing work harder.
  •  How to compare your programmes to those of your competition, and stand out
  • How to track subscriber list overlap with competitors and see which competitor campaigns subscribers are engaging with the most.
  • Examples from real life high performing campaigns exploring the techniques used to achieve strong results.

Register here for the webinar.

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