Welcome to the Era of Optimization!

Posted by Jen Ribble 

As marketers, we’re living in an interesting time. After more than 45 years, email is just as important as it’s ever been—perhaps even more so. But unfortunately, nothing good is easy.

Each year, the challenges we face become incrementally more sophisticated and complex. From phishers and spoofers to constantly evolving spam filters and changing consumer expectations, we’re constantly looking for new solutions to address these issues.

But in a mature industry like email marketing, the chances of finding a “silver bullet” that solves every marketing challenge are slim.

Instead, true improvement in today’s world comes through subtle, incremental adjustments to the things we’re already doing—rather than drastic, sweeping change. The tools we need to be successful are at our fingertips; it’s simply a matter of using them in more effective, strategic ways.

We call this the “Era of Optimization.”  

Rather than looking for the “holy grail” of email, marketers should begin to focus on subtle ways to optimize each campaign, leading to incremental improvement in overall effectiveness. Every small change can make a big difference to the bottom line.

The real question is… where to start?

Fortunately, Return Path can help. In our new ebook, The Era of Optimization, we suggest several areas of your email program where you can make a significant impact, and provide specific, actionable advice to take your email program to the next level.

Ready to enter the Era of Optimization? Download the ebook now!

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