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Posted by Patty Atwater 

It’s your first year, and you are feeling a bit nervous. Will classes be hard? Will your professors assign a lot of work? Do you really need to spend thousands of dollars on the textbooks?

Well lucky for you Email University is the most excepting (and least expensive) higher email education offer available. No classes, only quizzes, and the textbooks are free.

The complete first semester is already online. No tuition required:

Email 101: Email Basics
In this first course, we cover the email basics that every email marketer needs to know.  

Suggested study materials: Email Metrics Troubleshooter

Email 202: Email Experience
This second course tackles the different devices and providers subscribers use to access email and the importance of knowing where and how your emails are being viewed.

Suggested study materials: The Email Client Experience.

Email 303: Deliverability
This third course takes a deep dive into the current state of deliverability and email performance.

Suggested study materials: 2018 Deliverability Benchmark

Email 404: Mailbox Providers
In email 404, we cover the top three mailbox providers and what marketers need to know to get their messages delivered.

Suggested study materials: Marketer’s Field Guide to Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo.

Ready to test your email knowledge? Sign up for classes here.

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