What Do You Mean My Email is Not Reaching the Inbox?

Posted by Mailbox Maven 

That is the question everyone asked us when Return Path hit the streets and set up shop at OMMA Global New York. There we had a chance to talk with industry innovators, agencies and marketers to find out how they were integrating email into their marketing mix.

While some of the people we talked to were aware of the importance of email deliverability, many people had NO CLUE that their emails may not be getting delivered to the inbox. We’re talking about big names who visited our booth and crowded our workshops who were astounded by the fact that there are a whole bunch of things that happen after they press the send button that determined whether or not their email messages made it to their subscribers. But, they were equally surprised that they had the power to impact their deliverability if armed with the right information.

So, if you had the same question in mind. You are not alone! Joining CLUB INBOX is a great step forward in understanding your inbox deliverability.

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