What Does it Take to Create a Successful Email Campaign? [New eBook]

Posted by Patty Atwater 

Email marketers have it hard. Not only do they have to spend hours creating an engaging email campaign with subject lines that stand out and compelling copy, they also need to build and maintain a strong, reputable email program to ensure their messages get delivered to the inbox.

Facing all these challenges, how can email marketers create a successful campaign?

To find out, we interviewed the 18 winners and honorable mention recipients of our Emai Hero Awards contest. In the 2019 Email Hero Awards Lookbook, These outstanding email teams walk us through the challenges of creating a successful campaign and the tactics they implemented to reach and engage their subscribers.

Download the ebook to learn:

  • How AARP used a themed email campaign to drive higher engagement and achieve an ROI of 64 percent. 
  • How Frontier Airlines utilized their subject lines to stand out in the crowded holiday inbox and exceed their booking goals.
  • How CampSaver reengaged inactive subscribers and achieved a 6.3 percent conversion rate.
  • And more!

Find out what it takes to build a successful email program and discover new tactics you can implement into your own email program.

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