What We’re Reading: The Top 15 Posts of 2015

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As 2015 draws to a close, it’s interesting to look back at the year and see what topics have been especially popular on the Return Path blog—and why.

Sometimes a popular post touches on the zeitgeist of the moment. Wearable technology was on everyone’s mind back in April, and our top post of the year dealt with pre-orders of the brand new Apple Watch. Other posts resonate with readers because they provide timely updates and insight. This was the case when Google announced a new search algorithm in March and when they made changes to Gmail’s postmaster tools in July. And of course phishing and spooofing have been important topics throughout 2015. Several posts on our most-read list reflect this, especially those related to DMARC and DKIM authentication.

Following are our Top 15 most popular blog posts of 2015:

#1: An Apple Watch Watched Never Ships

#2: Everything You Need to Know About Gmail’s New Postmaster Tools

#3: New Welcome Message Study: Find Your Best Customers

#4: Symbolically Sinking: 10 Findings on Symbols in Subject Lines

#5: How to Explain DMARC in Plain English

#6: 6 Reasons to Treat Inactive Subscribers Like Zombies

#7: Is Your Email Program Ready for Google’s New Algorithm?

#8 Optimizing Email Performance Using New KPIs

#9 Hook, Line, & Sinker: Protecting Data Against Malicious Phishing Attacks

#10: Microsoft Changes List-Unsubscribe Requiremements

#11: Increase Your Open Rate with the Right Preheader Text

#12 How to Explain DKIM in Plain English

#13: The One Metric Every Email Marketer Needs to Stop Measuring

#14: The Best Welcome Email I Ever Received

#15: It’s Not You, It’s Your Subject Lines 

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