Why are My Emails Landing in Spam? Tactics to Reach the Inbox and Your Subscribers #Webinar

Posted by Tom Sather 

Please join me and eLearning University this Thursday at 2PM EST for a primer and discussion on email deliverability and what travel and tourism email marketers need to know, and do, to reach their customers.

eLearning University provides live and recorded tourism webinars to individuals, companies, associations, and state tourism departments. They offer a wide range of tourism webinars, focusing on topics such as internet marketing, sales, and business growth.

Email marketing is the most effective digital channel for Travel and Tourism businesses to reach their customers. Email marketing has also consistently shown to have the the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel. But what happens if your email campaigns are blocked or sent to the spam folder? No inbox means no opens which means no ROI. In this session, I’ll give email marketers in the Travel and Tourism industry on primer on just how much marketing emails sent by travel and tourism organizations end up in the spam folder and what that means for loyalty and revenue, what email providers and spam filters look at when deciding to block or deliver an email to the spam folder, debunk some common myths about why marketing messages aren’t reaching your customers, and provide tactics on what marketers need to do to ensure their customers see their messages where they belong – in the inbox!

The fee for the webinar is $49.95, but free for my guests. Just use the coupon code “BeMyGuest.” You can register using the link below.


Title: Why are My Emails Landing in Spam? Tactics to Reach the Inbox and Your Subscribers

Registration: http://www.elearningu.com/public/631.cfm

Coupon code: BeMyGuest

Date: Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Time: 2PM – 3PM EST

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