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The email marketers in your life have drafted the copy, coded the emails (which render perfectly in every email client, from Lotus Notes to Outlook and Gmail), and used the data to personalize every part of the subscriber experience. If you’re wondering what your favorite email marketers might like to have this December, search no more! Our team hand-picked an assortment of gifts that are sure to please all – ok, most – of the email marketers in your life. And for the rest, there’s always an Amazon gift card.


T-shirt from Really Good Emails

This tee comes in separate styles for men and women (yes!) and features an understated design that not everyone will understand. And
isn’t that part of the fun? $27


Gold Envelope Stud Earrings

Leave it to Etsy to offer the sweetest earrings we’ve seen. Do make sure, however, that your recipient actually wears earrings before purchasing. $20.53


Email Marketing Rules

This book, by Chad S. White, is a great read for any email marketer. It can also handily be used to prove your point or substantiate a strategy. $19.99


ABCs of the Web Picture Book

A isn’t just for “apple,” it’s for “anchor.” This picture book is great for a new parent because it’s never too early for code. $12.95


Coffee Mug

This sassy mug from Emily McDowell says what we really want to first thing in the morning, especially before we’ve finished a full cup. $18


Compliment Pencil Pack 

Need a pep talk to beat impostor syndrome? These pencils from should do the trick in a pinch. $10


Envelope Lapel Pin or Tie Tack

Perfect for any recipient, this pin can be worn on a suit or added to a bag. You can even specify a red, green, or blue accent color. $4.50


Everybody Writes

This Ann Handley book is a must-read for anyone – because no matter what your role, you are indeed a writer. $13.69


Grammarly Extension

Not all email marketers are grammar geeks – but there is a strong correlation. This browser extension double checks your spelling and grammar while you work – and it’s free. Free


“I’m Kind of a Big Deal” Desk Sign

It’s nice to have a reminder of how awesome you are – especially to display proudly at your desk. $28


Sign Me Up!: A Marketer’s Guide To Email Newsletters that Build Relationships and Boost Sales

This book, written by CEO Matt Blumberg and Path Forward Executive Director Tami Forman, provides a solid baseline for email marketing signups – and has stood the test of time since it was written. $5.95


Hug Your Haters

Annoyed by this replies you get to your general “from” address? Read this book from Jay Baer and get inspiration on how you can win over even your toughest critics. $18.36

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